Love at First Swipe - The “OH SO” Romantic Moments - Pre Wedding Shoots

Pre-wedding shoots are the “IN” thing among couples and they leave no leaf unturned for perfect results. From getting inspiring pre-wedding shoot themes to implementing smart pre-wedding photography tips, a new age couple does everything to glam up their special pre-wedding moments. So why shouldn’t you too? 

Heading out for your pre-wedding shoot without much preparation is pretty much equal to heading out for an absolutely stress-inducing day! Sure the Pre-wedding photoshoot day is supposed to be a breather where you and your partner chill around, pose for pretty photos, dress up, get to know each other, steal some hearty moments and of course, etch some endearing memories.

After all, these are your fairytale moments and you deserve to look like a dream. Feast your eyes with some phenomenal pre-wedding photos and take cues.

The Grand Architecture

Imagine having a grand pre-wedding photoshoot at a royal palatial palace, which would not only offer you beautiful photos but wonderful memories to cherish for life. You can get creative with the architecture and get clicked extravagantly.The larger than life architecture, the royal paintings, grand chandeliers and antique furniture- they all just scream regal. Chose apt outfits keeping in perfect sync with the hues of the interiors.

Embracing Nature

Offset by fluffy white snow and clouds- could it get any more romantic? Be it in the valley of Leh or by the snowcapped mountains of Kashmir, hills have very often been the abode for magical pre-wedding shoots and we love the natural element in the location. Against the majestic hills, nature is all that amps up the frame.

There are million beautiful wonders of nature that you can choose from. Think of getting clicked at the beautiful barren expanse of Ladakh, or a freezing mountain top

By the Beach

Have you ever wondered what makes a romantic scene look so magical? Just like a video shoot, it takes a lot of effort to capture such brilliant photos for your pre-wedding shoot too. Take some captivating shots by the beach despite the sun, sand and salty waters. 

Underwater Wonders

How would you like to get a proposed deep inside the ocean? Magical isn’t it? Couples going underwater for pre-wedding shoots are quite an in-vogue these days. It’s thrilling, passionate and looks super gorgeous.

A new concept gaining ground, now you can create your whole photo story under the wide expanse of a sea or pool. It would surely explore love so deep through an exhilarating experience of creativity and adventure that you both would embark on. If experimenting is your thing, then surely dive deep with your partner and it would be an experience for life that you would remember.

Your Own Wonderland

As a couple feel free to chose a location that holds meaning to you. MAy be the place you met first, or your favourite places to go. It can be any location which you can make your own and get clicked in a happy and fun manner which would set the mood for your whole pre-wedding shoot.

The Own Life

And then, there are all those pre-wedding shoots that celebrate the day-to-day lives of the couple in question, celebrating their unique boy-meets-girl studio, with a unique slice of their lives. These could highlight a homely existence, a day at the workplace, a casual date or a coffee together. To work on such shoots, find a concept that works well with the two of you and then take it forward.

Put on your best pre-wedding photography dress, go to your favourite location with the person of your dreams, have a mini-vacation and let the camera make you feel like a star! What else are pre-wedding shoots for?

Venuesios are here to help you find the perfect venue and create an unforgettable experience for you and your partner.

But you ought to spend a little time planning out the entire soiree with your planner and wedding photographer beforehand.